Brazil at COP28

The Brazil Pavilion will present a little of the country and will host debates and cultural events. The central message is “Brazil united in its diversity on the path to a sustainable future” and climate solutions promoted by the country will be presented in three axes: i) sectoral technologies; ii) resilient State institutions and instruments; and iii) promotion of socio-diversity.

Brasil no COP28

About the Brazilian Pavilion

The Brazilian Pavilion is located at Mobility District in Expo City, in space MS03G1 of the Blue Zone. In addition to displaying content about the country and serving delicious Brazilian coffee, the two auditoriums will host panels that aim to present and debate solutions for mitigating climate change. The events will also be broadcast in English and Portuguese. Check out our Calendar!

About COP 28

The Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP UNFCCC) was designed to unite all parties: governments, young people, businesses and investors, civil society, frontline communities, indigenous peoples, among others. All united with the objective of seeking solutions to limit warming to 1.5o C, create resilience and mobilize financing on a large scale.

To find out more visit the official COP 28 website:

Blue Zone

The Blue Zone is a location managed by the UNFCCC and is accessible to accredited parties and observer delegates. It is in this space that formal negotiations take place during the two weeks of the Conference, as well as the World Climate Action Summit. In addition, it is home to country pavilions, COP Presidency events and hundreds of side events, including discussion panels, round tables and cultural events.

Green Zone

The Green Zone is open to delegates and guests from the Blue Zone, public and private sectors, NGOs and the general public. Areas will be designated for various activations, as shown in the map below. It is recommended to access the official COP website for information on access to scheduled or ticketed events.